Property Law

Property Law


The personal right of property or ownership is a primary constitutional right of any Bulgarian citizen and at “Nenchev & Yankov” we understand the huge importance of a solid legal protection of that right. In order to solve our clients’ legal problems related to property disputes, we offer the following services:

  • Thorough and in depth analysis of the legal status of real estate (immovable property), research about any pending encumbrances, conflicting rights of third parties and restitution claims;

  • Legal representation in connection with deals relating to real estate and personal property, such as sales, donations, exchanges, transfer of property in exchange for care and support and others;

  • Legal representation in connection with constitution of encumbrances, such as rights of construction, right to use and others;

  • Drafting up of notary deeds, registration of the deal, research of ownership of real estate by persons or legal entities, checking of the legal history of real estate, legal analysis and statement acts;

  • Legal representation in connection with acquisition of real estate by means of adverse possession, accessions, inheritance, public auctions, purchase of foreclosed property or liquidation of legal entities; concessions and rentals of real estate;

  • Legal representation and assistance in connection with investment projects in construction, detailed construction plans, construction permits and legalization of property;

  • Drafting up of preliminary contracts, wills, individual consultation related to property rights;

  • Legal representation and litigation in connection with real estate property disputes, division of property, encumbrances, property claims, revendication claims.