Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


At “Nenchev & Yankov” we take care of the full legal assurance of our clients’ intellectual property (IP) rights in all of their iterations.

Any adequate legal protection of intellectual property is based on thorough and detailed analysis of your own IP rights in the context of your business. In our practice we have established that the result is often surprising for our clients. We take the most appropriate and thought out measures available based on our research and experience. This process can be expressed in the following:

  • Drafting up of Non-Disclosure Agreements as well as recommendations and best practices of how they can be implemented in your business;

  • Registering of Trademarks;

  • Registering of Domains;

  • Drafting up of Terms & Conditions for use on webpages;

  • Registering of Industrial designs;

At “Nenchev & Yankov” we offer follow-up legal services, such as:

  • Tracking of legal violations of any IP right, including Patents, both in the registers of the country you have a valid registry in an on-line;

  • Training for you and your staff on how to track down valuable intellectual property and related information;

  • Training for you and your staff on how to safely store and share valuable IP rights information with your business partners.