Business and Corporate Law

Business and Corporate Law


At “Nenchev & Yankov” we offer a full package of legal services for our clients’ businesses. Our legal advice, delivered with care and attention, is the driving force behind our partners’ business ventures as well as ad hoc projects.

In order to facilitate the full legal assurance of our clients’ business and commercial dealings, we offer the following services:

  • Thorough legal research for any business venture including detailed analysis of the legal framework as well as any potential risks or legal barriers, development of a legal strategy in full compliance with our client’s needs and interests;

  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts that accompany the commercial goods exchange;

  • Drafting and editing of all legal business documentation needed by commercial and business representatives of foreign legal entities in the Republic of Bulgaria;

  • Legal services for sales representatives;

  • Drafting up of power of attorneys for procurators, commercial agents assistants, commercial representatives and intermediaries;

  • Thorough legal research of legal entities;

  • Due diligence procedures;

  • Initial registration of all types of legal entities in their respective commercial registers in the Republic of Bulgaria;

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions;

  • Creating a holding structure;

  • Legal contracts for the sale of businesses and the due diligence procedures that accompany the sale;

  • Litigation and legal representation in a court of law of creditors in insolvency proceedings;

  • Litigation and legal representation In a court of law for commercial cases in all legal jurisdictions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, including courts of arbitration and mediators.