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“Nenchev & Yankov” is a Law Firm based at the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. The firm offers legal services in all fields of civil law. Thanks to its knowledge, expertise and experience, the team behind “Nenchev & Yankov” is able to provide for its clients legal services and assistance that shine with exceptional professionalism, competence and understanding of the fields of corporate and contract law, law of commerce, insurance, labor (employment) law, family (matrimonial) law and law of inheritance, as well as intellectual property law, law of property, litigation and procurement, consulting and investment projects, sale of companies or parts of them, drafting up of legal strategies, preparation of corporate mergers. Our team strives to deliver our trademark great services with the same care and attention to both corporate and individual clients.

It is our mission to protect and provide a legal guarantee for the interests of our clients while aiming for success in each individual case. Our main priority is to deliver a service that satisfies every one of our clients’ legal needs. It is also of great importance to us that our clients experience the comfort and pleasure of our mutual work together. We accomplish this by maintaining constant feedback loop and by offering a tailored approach to each individual client and legal case.

We offer a wide array of legal services that are designed to solve every one of our clients’ legal problems. Our services shine with strict professionalism, accuracy and creativity, which alongside our thorough and detailed research guarantee our clients’ legal interests.


Clients who entrusted us with their legal issues:

The Team



Ivan Yankov
Ivan is a graduate of Sofia University and an IP specialist. His multi-year legal experience in the fields of technology and IP protection are coupled with his corporate management mindset and EU Project management track record.
Ognyan Nenchev
Ognyan is a lawyer and founding partner of the firm. His legal experience in the fields of litigation, corporate and labor law spans almost a decade. His work with Governing bodies on a national and local level speak for his administrative capabilities.